Senior Choir
 Led By: Yoshida Graham

HISTORY OF THE SENIOR CHOIR Under the pastorage of the late Rev. H. T. Wimberly and the leadership of the late Bro. Willie Collins a choir was organized in 1931. Bro. Collins became the first president. Since that time others have served as president. Among them were Rev. Willie C. Cunningham, Bro. Charles Revis, Sis. Madie Pinkney, Sis. Essie Peterson Horne, Bro. Joe Logan, Rev. Jocephus Johnson, Dea. Edward Williams, Sis. Doretha Thomas, Dea. Willie Wims, Sis. Sue Nella Cooper, Dea. Jacob Isom, Sis. Ida Slater, who organized the flora club in the choir; Sis. Grace Logan, Sis. Mattie Mathis, who under her leadership the outdoor bulletin board was given to the church, Sis. Willie Mae Williams, Sis. Betty Brown, Sis. Remell Hines and our present president is Bro. Yoshida Graham. Accurate records were needed to be kept for the choir; therefore, the late Essie Peterson Horne was elected secretary. Sis. Horne was succeeded by many other secretaries. They were Sisters: Mary Cunningham, Rosie Lee Revis, Cora Lee Pinkney, Annie Bell Jenkins, Ethel Lee Grayer, Mary Lee Holmes, Beatrice Williams, Doretha Thomas, Susie Frazier and our present secretary is Sis. Paulette Blackwell. The money of the choir has been in the hands of trustworthy families. They were Sisters: Ida Brown, Rena Spence, Rosa Knight and now Sis. Mary Gladys Geter. No choir can be a success without a good pianist. The late Alma Williams was the choir’s first pianist. She and all that followed her have provided good inspirational music and spiritual songs. After Sis. Williams there were other pianists. They were Josie Walker, Ollie Mae Marion, Myrthe Yates, Willie Rome, Joe Logan, Albert Marshall, Jonanne Johnson Hodah, Vivian Woods, Virginia Williams, Laruie Bailey, Mazie Isom, Ronald Spence, Linda Coliman and now Minister Michael Collins. We have had 4 drummers ---Torrie Hill, Aston Bryant, Christopher Whitlock and Shedrick Bryant. Sis Beatrice Williams was the first known director of the choir. Following her was Dea. Earnest Spence and Sis. Joann Brown. All good choirs need good pastors and all good pastors need good choirs. The late Rev. Wimberly started this and all pastors who have come after him have kept the choir revived. The pastors during our years have been the late Rev. W. F. Johnson, the late Rev. J. B. Branch, the late Rev. Grady Pinkney, and Rev. Sylvester Williams. Our present pastor is Minister Veon Williams who is an excellent leader and a spiritual preacher. No our past has not always been smooth. We have had trials and tribulations, but these have made us more determined to sing and work for our Creator. Through God’s help and earnest prayers, we will continue to grow in grace and sing from our hearts.