Benjamin Hayward

 Chairman of Deacons Board
 Email: bhayward@beulahofcamilla.com

Camilla, GA   31707

Records show that the following persons have served as deacons of Beulah Baptist Church: Deacons Dupree, Paul Bailey, Oxford Daniels, Jim Smiley, Tolson, Henry Haywood, Richardson, Bradley, Oss Holmes, Pittman, Dave Fountain, Tom Pickett, E. Cisrol, F. Cochran, Will Harris Charles Revis, Frank Coma, J. T. Morrison, Douglass Campbell, Dave Washington, Steve Williams, George Holt, Pernell Smith, Joe B. Logan, Willie F. Johnson, Dan Washington, Henry Weary (who entered the ministry), Harry Marion, Willie Mills, Tess Lawrence, Sr., Jessie Horne, Ulysee Daniels, George Peoples, Sr., William Wims, Tess Lawrence, Jr., Zeddie Perry, Sr., Eddie Spence, Tommie Mathis Eligah Anderson, Bennie Graham and Jacob Isom. Our present board of deacons is as follows: Jimmy Redden, Benjamin Hayward, Hosea, Brinson, Jr., Harold Thomas, Robert Brown, Jr., Joe Frazier, Sr., Charles J. Jenkins, Kenneth Brown, Cartier Whitlock, Ronald Arline, Earnest Spence, David Burnett and Joseph White.